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RestProject1. Child sponsorship to two children out of five siblings who lost their mom, “the bread winner” of the family, through breast cancer in 2012.

2. Support for a family of seven children including a set of twins whose mother died after the birth of the twins. Their father was unable to care for them, their aunt decided to take care of them.

3. Microloan lending program. In December 2015, 12 loans of N50,000 each (approximately $340 CAD) were distributed to individuals meeting the following criteria:
i. The individual must be known to be experiencing financial hardship.
ii. The family (or individual) must not be earning an income and show no other means of income.
iii. The individual must have a business plan to show REST International.
iv. The individual must be motivated to better self and transform his/her life.
v. The individual must agree to the suggested timeline of repayment of two years.

Business proposals included buy and sell of goods, sales of food items, hair salon, pig farming, fish trade, purchase of a keke for a taxi business.

Note: There is nothing like social welfare or government family support in Nigeria. Every family is on its own.


Microloan Lending Program

We desire to empower families to sustain themselves by distributing more microloans for individuals to create businesses.

Support of High School

In the past, students in the village of Umuda Isingwu, Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria had to travel outside their village to access secondary education, often walking more than five kilometers each way. The government has recently approved of the establishment of a high school in the village. They will share the building that currently holds the elementary school. We endeavour to assist by purchasing and shipping a container of computers, books, supplies, and providing financial support for the students.


1. 300 Desks for a School in Nigeria: 2008

During my visit to Nigeria in 2006, I went to visit a relation who was the principal in one of the high schools in a rural village. I was dismayed by what I saw – students sitting on dusty floors in their uniforms writing exams. Some were sitting three or four on two sitter broken desks; the teachers had no tables or chairs to sit. The walls of the school building were run-down with holes on the roofs school. All three buildings of the school were depleted and in disrepair.

We had a fundraiser and built a 300 desks with chairs for the students, eight tables and chairs for the teachers and a table and chair for the principal. They were presented to the community on November 2008.

2. Renovation of a School Building:

The next project was the renovation of school building of an elementary in one the rural villages in Nigeria in 2010. I visited the school in 2008 and saw the deplorable condition of the school. The walls of one the buildings were falling due to erosion. Rest strengthened the walls and renovated the school assembly hall.

REST has been involved in other various projects in partnership with other organizations in different parts of the world:

  1. Support school and orphanages in Kenya
  2. Orphanages in India
  3. School supplies and support for less privileged children in Ghana through Foundation for African Children’s Education.


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